Official Sticky Wall Balls  are super simple to use and insanely fun when you are wanting something to take the edge off in a productive manner. Our sticky wall balls glow in the dark and are super easy to clean. Whether you're a new owner or looking to learn more about our product, here's everything you need to know.

1. How To Make Sticky Wall Balls Glow In The Dark


It's one thing to use your Sticky Wall Balls with the lights on but if you want to take it to another level you can cut the lights so the only thing you can see is the luminance of the ball.  

Our Glow Sticky Wall Balls naturally take in surrounding light to build up charge. Although, if you want a stronger charge for the balls you can hold them directly to any light source for 1-3 minutes. Doing this will super charge them and allow them to stay charged for up to 15+ minutes. 


2. How To Clean Sticky Wall Balls 

When you first start using our sticky wall balls it's likely you won't be catching them as much so it's only a matter of time before yours look something like this. 

All you have to do is hit them with a little water + soap followed by a nice towel dry and they're ready to go! You can view a step by step cleaning video HERE

3. How To Properly Use Sticky Wall Balls

As wild as it sounds there is a "proper" way to play with your sticky wall balls.  When your package arrives each ball will be individually wrapped. Upon removing the wrapper you'll find the ball is already pretty sticky.  While our balls work with all ceilings, they may work better for your ceiling after a quick wash. 

To Using Sticky Wall Balls is pretty straight forward. You can lay down and throw them at the ceiling as they stick for 3-15 seconds and catch them as they fall while throwing more. The more you practice the better you will get! 

Try to see how many you can keep in rotation at once! 

All in all, you're going to love your Official Sticky Wall Balls or they're on us. If you try to grab a pair and they are sold out we restock every week 💚