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I absolutely love these. So fun and so many different uses.. I’ve found my husband playing with them a few times too. haha They’re way easier to clean that I expected them to be which is a huge bonus too. some have busted (with a rough 3 year old playing with them) but I didn’t expect them to be indestructible so I’m still giving 5 stars. :)

These are great! I bought some for my 8 year old son last year and he couldn't stop playing with them! He has ADHD and these kept him busy and entertained. We have high 18' ceilings so he likes to try and get them to stick up there. Sometimes they stick for just a few seconds and sometimes they'll stay up there for days! The best part - they don't leave marks, even on the white matte paint. When they get dirty/dusty, just put them under water and air dry them and they're good as new. I bought another set for my niece who is about the same age as my son. She loves them too! Throw them on the wall and watch them slowly roll down. We would have contests to see who could get theirs to stick to the wall the longest or have "slow" races as they roll down.

I love these! They are so much fun! I think I had more fun with them than my kids did! This was an amazing stress relief item for me! I got to throw things without damaging my belongings! My kids just got these today for Christmas, and I've already washed them twice! Long pieces of hair were a little hard to get off, but everything else just slipped off. I let them air dry on the counter, which only took a few minutes. I already have another box in my cart!

Omg...These feel so sticky but they leave your hands clean...So much fun. After buying a four pack and splitting them with four kids...I knew I had to buy more...This time as party favours...You can stretch, squeeze and throw at the wall and they stick...Leaving no sticky residue. You can also wash them off with water and not ruin them.

I love them they came like a week early but I think the rubber needs to be a little bit thicker and you need a lint roller for when they hit the floor best way to clean them

These are fantastic stress balls! My clients with ADHD and anxiety really benefit from these to improve focus and relieve stress.

My daughter is autistic and this is a great sensory toy!!!!! We had no issues with these none of them broke and we still have them all we have to do to get the stickness back is rewash them.

Bought these mfs because I saw tik tok of it. Best purchase ever. This is a good way to keep yourself entertained. They are sticky right off the bat. So be careful because it will pick up any form of debris if it depending on your environment. I'm a 21 year old guy enjoying a couple of balls sticking to walls and ceilings. My ceiling ain't textured so it works for me

My daughter is autistic and this is a vreat sensory toy!!!!! We had no issues with these none of them broke and we still have them all we have to do to get the stuckness back is rewash them.

These are the best sticky balls that are fun to throw at the wall and take off. They don’t take the paint off and easy to wash with warm water and they are still sticky!

These things are AMAZING. I love them and so does my son. They are very sticky and have not left stains on my walls (live in an apartment with flat paint). Great variety of colors and YOU CAN WASH THEM when they get too dirty. They are also stretchy. Great product for anyone how works with children should have.

These are okay. I bought them since I saw them on tiktok.

My 2 year old loves these ! I’m gonna say it first off you just rinse them with water and they’re clean in seconds. They don’t leave sticky mess behind and they can get thrown to the wall and they roll down . Long term fun for sure. Great product for the price !

These are unique and fun! My 3 year old son has been consistently saying "I'm going to trap you with sticky balls!" So when I saw these before Christmas I knew we needed REAL sticky balls for trapping people. He loves them and so does his 6 year old sister. They are quite sticky but don't leave a residue behind on walls.

Love these! Saw them on Tik tok as a substitute for moms who don’t want slime in their homes! They are awesome! I use them at home and in my preschool class! We throw them at the walls! They are pretty sticky but they do come off everything and do not damage your walls etc. if they get dirty just wash them off with water and dry and they will become sticky again after completely drying

I am 25 and my husband and I bought these after seeing a TikTok about them. Months later they are now at my desk job where my coworkers and I throw them around. Today however I ran one over with my desk chair. Didn’t realize it for at least 15 minutes of moving around and the ball is still totally perfect. We then decided to try to break one. I have stretched with all my might and so have my coworkers. None of us can seem to break them. As far as them being sticky that’s the point. You rinse them and they’re back to normal. They leave no residue on your hands and they have not stained anything. Honestly 10/10. Still upset I didn’t buy a bigger package.

Do you love squishy stress balls but are tired of them breaking after a couple days of use? These may be for you! After several weeks of use, the balls are still going strong. Their small size makes it more difficult to stretch them to the point of breaking, so the are highly durable. Added bonus— excellent sticking power to walls even after repeated washings. Highly recommended!

We loved these..i brought them for my daughter to use as a indoor activity and needless to say they turned in a family game of dodge ball. So fun! They are very sticky but they dont leave your hands feeling dirty and when they get dirty u can easily wash them under some water and let them air dry and they go right back to new. They stick to walls,floors and even the roof,the cool thing is they return the original shape and come eight off!

A huge hit with my children. We bought them for one child with autism and he’s obsessed with these. Christmas morning has been pure joy for him playing with these and all of us joined in on the fun.
They are not exploding on us nor are they “peeling” our ceiling paint or plaster off. Overall I would absolutely buy these again and recommend them to anyone else. Especially anyone who has a special needs child or child with sensory issues.

These little squishy balls are insanely fun for everybody. My 6 year old immediately opened them up and many laughs ensued. These are super sticky but leave zero residue on walls, clothing, wood, and even un-shiny surfaces such as matte ceilings. Rinse and rub them under running water when they lose their stickiness and they become as good as new. We love to squish the entire pack into a large blob and hurl it at the wall, where it smacks, sticks, and slowly rolls down to the floor.

I waited over 2 months to write my review! My daughter is 4 and plays with these DAILY! YES they do attract dirt and hair HOWEVER they are so easy to rinse off its not a big deal! We took these to a family gathering and ended up giving 2 away because they were SO loved! The 2 we gave away went to a 12 yr old and my 19 yr old brother. They discovered throwing them at the ceiling fan and watching them shoot across the room which was pretty entertaining! None of them have busted or ripped and they are definitely NOT gentle with them! I will definitely be buying more!

Looooove these squishy balls! They have a sticky feel at first, but you can use corn starch to get rid of the sticky, if you don’t like things sticking to you! It’s a great occupational therapy tool for kids with autism and sensory processing disorder, who are sensitive to sticky textures. The ball will stick to your hand, but if you drop it, it leaves no residue. They will stick to most flat surfaces, and are very squishy.

my grandchildren love these balls. they are quite sticky and pick up tons of lint and hairs but they wash up very easily and get sticky again when they dry

My girls love love these! Colors are super pretty and good quality. Super easy to wash even with water only but best with soap and water. Sticky but your hands do not stay sticky when using these glovers. Delivery was really quick, just as specified.

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